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Buying Ceiling Fans and Ceiling Fans Accessories Online
Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009
Although the function of fans and ceiling fans in a room could be replaced by an Air Conditioner (AC), but people are still use ceiling fan. Beside of their function, people also use ceiling fan as a room décor. I am sure that if you find the right ceiling fan for your room so it will make your room looks more beautiful than if there is not a ceiling fan.
Looking for and finding the right ceiling fan for your room is not an easy thing to do. I am sure it will waste your time if you are looking for it from one shop to another one. Because there are hundreds of ceiling fans from more than dozen of fan manufactures which you have to choose. 
Stop this annoying experience now by shop at They offer thousands of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers. 
You don’t need to doubt with their service because they have story superior experiences, since 1924; they also have 30-days return policy; you won’t need much time to wait your order, because they have fast shipping service; safe shopping promise and also volume discounts. offers thousands of fans and fans accessories in a wide range of styles and of course at the lowest prices from top manufacturers. You can choose from traditional to contemporary style of craftmade fans. If you are living within the continental US, you also get free shipping for all modern fan company ceiling fans.
If you feel confused because there are too many fans that are offered, don’t worry because has fans product search tool that will help you quickly finding the perfect right fans and ceiling fan for your application. You can choose fans by ceiling fan style or ceiling fan brand. What are you waiting for? Try it now..

posted by Gusna @ Sabtu, Februari 21, 2009   0 comments
Marketing List Company
Jumat, 20 Februari 2009
Are you a banker, marketer, researcher, or a non-profit fund raiser? Are you guys who need to find how to transform your basic business information into usable and valuable business marketing data that provides the kind of deep insight needed to make a direct marketing program succeed? If your answer are yes, that’s means you are need to find out a marketing list company to help you.

When search about telemarketing list on internet, I found The List Company with their website is The List Company is a mailing list company that has one of the largest databases which contains in excess of 14 million US businesses and 300 million US consumers. The List Company has established itself as a leader in the list industry providing the most effective resources for all of your direct mail and telemarketing needs.

This list brokers also offers a lot of telemarketing lists and mailing lists category, such as business lists, consumer mailing lists, mortgage mailing list, telemarketing lists and specialty response lists.
Still confuse with your mailing list? Why don’t you try The List Company right know? And get success with your project.
posted by Gusna @ Jumat, Februari 20, 2009   0 comments
Rabu, 18 Februari 2009
Insomnia apaan sih? Insomnia adalah keadaan dimana seseorang dimana tidak bisa tidur dalam waktu yang cukup. Keluhan dari penderita imsonia adalah mreka tidak dapat memejamkan mata atau mengistirahatkan pikirannya walaupun hanya untuk sejenak. Ada banyak alasan seseorang menderita imsonia mulai dari kegelisahan hingga ke bipolar disorder. Namun terkadang tidak ada penyebab nyata dan hanya dapat terjadi karena suatu alasan, tapi terlalu banyak kegiatan fisik dan rasa sakit juga dapat membuat seseorang untuk sulit tidur di malam hari.
Mencari penyebab dari imsonia merupakan kunci untuk mencari obat untuk masalah ini. ternyata tidak makan juga memberikan efek negatif berupa sulit tidur pada seseorang. Imsonia ada 3 jenis, yaitu: imsonia sementara (bisa terjadi dimana saja dari satu malam hingga beberapa hari), imsonia akut (sulit tidur dalam jangka waktu satu minggu untuk 3-6 bulan), dan imsonia kronis (dimana si penderita mengalami kesulitan tidur setiap malam selama satu bulan atau bahkan lebih).
Sekarang ini tampaknya semakin banyak penderita gangguan tidur, liat aja dengan banyaknya obat tidur yang beredar di pasaran. Beberapa obat di luaran sana yang digunakan dalam perawatan imsonia telah dibuktikan bahwa efektif membantu penderita imsonia untuk tidur dan bangun tepat waktu. Tetapi belum ada data atau informasi yang membuktikan teori ini.
Disarankan bagi penderita imsonia untuk mengurangi stress dan ketegangan dalam hidup mereka karena ini adalah pemicu terjadinya kesulitan tidur di malam hari. Obat-obatan China juga telah banyak dikenal untuk mengatasi ganguan pada mereka yang mengalama gangguan tidur. Menurut statistik yang diambil dari Departemen Kesehatan Amerika Serikat diperkirakan 60 juta orang Amerika menderita kesulitan/gangguan tidur. 40% dari wanita dan 30% dari pria diketahui menderita penyakit ini.
Wah, ternyata banyak banget ya orang-orang yang menderita kesulitan tidur di luaran sana. Mungkin karena semakin banyaknya tekanan dan tuntutan hidup yang harus dipenuhi. Mulai sekarang mari kita sempatkan atau sediakan waktu luang untuk meredakan ketegangan pikiran mungkin dengan menyediakan waktu khusus untuk berlibur bersama keluarga atau dengan teman-teman terdekat.

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posted by Gusna @ Rabu, Februari 18, 2009   0 comments
Book Your Tickets Online
Have you ever had an experience when it is hard to get a ticket for watching your favorite sport, concert, or theatre show?  Or you got the tickets but the price was higher than the ticket price printed on the tickets? If you have, it is time to you to stop all the bad experience when buying a ticket. Why don’t you try is a professional ticket broker with access to many events across the country. No matters what kind of tickets you are looking for, concerts, sporting events, theatre, featured venues is one stop ticket solutions. It is also an online ticket company that will gladly help, advice, and provide expertise on your tickets purchase.
Purchasing Wrigley Filed Tickets via online today or you can order Fenway Park Tickets via telephone on another day is up to you. A Cheap Seat will help you placing your tickets order with pleasure. They also help you to save more than a few bucks because they are able to negotiate great prices on many tickets events and then they pass those saving to you. Don't pass this offer if you don't want to pass your opportunity to watch your favourite team live.
Have you ever thought that you want to take your son to see baseball game at Yankee stadium? Maybe a ticket to see his favorite team with you is the best birthday gift for him. Don’t wait; buy the Yankee Stadium Tickets now before all the good events pass! And get a cheap seat now.

posted by Gusna @ Rabu, Februari 18, 2009   0 comments
Direct TV
Minggu, 15 Februari 2009

Direct TV? What is it? I just heard about it. My friends are laughing when I asked them about it. What a poor boy, they said. Yeah, I know I just a poor boy who studies here at this elementary school which most of its students are rich. No wonder if they already knew about it or even they have it at their home.

Lucky me, there is Rick my best friend. He is not only telling me what direct TV is but also invite me to come to his house to watch his favorite cartoon program together. Wow, there are hundreds of channel to choose on his TV not like at my home. They are sports, cartoons, movies, news and many more. I can’t mention it one by one. Rick tells me if those programs are depend on the direct TV provider where do you subscribe.

He also tell me if his father is a customer from direct TV provider that called DIRECT SAT TV. “They have the best directtv deals , my father told me”, Rick said to me. No wonder if Ricks father decided to choose this provider. From Rick’s explanation I knew that if it has many directv offers package depend on their customers need.

I want to thank to Rick because beside he didn’t laugh at me, he also tell me a lot of new things for me. How luck I am have a best friend like Rick

posted by Gusna @ Minggu, Februari 15, 2009   0 comments
Yang Suka Gossip Masuk Sini
Kamis, 05 Februari 2009
Gossip siapa sih yang ga suka? Mulai dari gossip artis yang lagi Hot hingga gossip ga penting lainnya. Sebenarnya apa sih enaknya ngegossip? Kok bisa sehari penuh acara-acara hampir di seluruh stasiun tv swasta berisi gossip aja? Emangnya enak ya ngomongin orang lain? Daripada sibuk ngegossip mendingan kita ngeblog aja yuk....
Kini layanan jasa penyedia blog gratis sudah sangat banyak. Mulai dari, blogger/ yang sudah sangat terkenal, sekarang ada juga (it) yang menyediakan layanan blog gratis. Gratis ga berarti murahan dunk, itgossips menyediakan blog dengan kapasitas yang sangat besar lho. Bayangkan aja kapasitasnya sebesar 100MB luayan besar untuk blog pribadi untuk menulis apa yang sedang kita pikirkan :D ga Cuma itu, disini kita juga diberikan kebebasan untuk bikin forum gratis. Jadi bagi yang emang bener-bener suka bergossip, hasrat untuk bergosip ria bisa disalurkan dengan membuat forum gossip gratis.
Selain itu, anda juga bisa ngeadd teman, saling kirim komentar ala friendster dan lain-lainnya. Jadi daripada seharian ngabisin waktu anda dengan nonton acara gossip di tv, kenapa ga sekalian aja bergossip online sambil nambah teman juga. Yuk daftar (it)gossips sekarang dan mulailah bergossip tentang apapun yang anda suka.
posted by Gusna @ Kamis, Februari 05, 2009   0 comments
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